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The Santa Monica Regional Consortium for Adult Education formed to assess the needs of the region's adult learners and to plan for addressing identified gaps in the system of educational services provided to adults seeking basic skills and workforce preparation.  The consortium works to build seamless pathways in its programs that respond to the region's adult workforce education and training needs.

Adult Education
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  • ABE, ASE, Basic Skills
  • English as a Second Language
  • Workforce Preparation Entry and Re-entry

The planning and implementation efforts of the South Monica Regional Consortium for Adult Education are supported by the California Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG).  The regional redesign of adult education in the region is underway. 

  • Career and Technical Education
  • Training for Adults to Support Child School Success



consortium meetings

Santa Monica Regional Consortium for Adult Education

  • Pathway Mapping - ESL
  • Establishment of impacted ESL Classes
  • Development of Short-term CTE Pathways
  • Establishment of Comprehensive Counseling Services

current initiatives

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Partnerships assist the consortium in maximizing impact in the region leveraging the resources of all interested parties in the achievement of AEBG goals. The consortium in partnership with the region's industry, social service, and governing entities will work together to improve the lives and livelihoods of our communities.

Santa Monica Regional Consortium For Adult Education in Santa Monica will help you upgrade your skills and improve your job opportunities